Pest Control Nashville – Bedbug Facts YOU need to know!


Bedbugs are a growing problem in almost all major cities in the United States, including Nashville.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bedbugs.




“What do bedbugs look like?”


Bedbugs can be best described as the size and color of an apple seed. After the first blood meal they change from small and almost transparent to the deeper reddish brown color that we are familiar with.


“Something is biting me but I don’t have a pet. Could it be bedbugs?”


Often we receive calls in which the person says this. Bedbugs are often mistaken for fleas. Not by the way they look but by the bites. Often bedbug bites are in a straight line across the area of the body in which they are feeding.


“What can I do to protect myself from bedbugs?”


Homeowners can often control many common pests in and around the home. Bedbugs are not one of them! The control measures done by homeowners can many times make things worse! Please, this one let the professionals handle.


“What do you do? I need help!”


First, make the call and let us come out for a FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATE. Lets make sure you have a bedbug problem and not something else. We will explain to you what we will do. We will give you a bedbug prep sheet outlining what you need to do both before and after the treatment. Then we will explain the plan we have specifically for you and your home.


“But you didn’t find any bedbugs. Does that mean I don’t have an infestation?


Often times that’s the case. Bedbugs are reclusive. They hide during the day and are very hard to find. Many times the evidence is only debris, eggs, casings or other signs that indicate an infestation. Our own experience is…we find live bedbugs in 7 out of 10 homes at the time of inspection. Determination of a bedbug infestation should never be based on finding live bugs alone during a visual inspection.


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