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Question:  Are you buying a home?


If so, you are responsible for the Termite Inspection Report (Termite Letter).


How can how can you know you’re getting the best inspection?


Visual inspections are the norm for inspecting a home for termites. You hire a pest control company. They come out and visually inspect the crawl, garage or basement of your home. They don’t see any evidence of termites so they fill out the WDI Report that tells of what they found, (or didn’t find).  You get the report and off you go!


Ever wonder,  “How do they know what’s behind the wall?”


“How did they see what’s under all the insulation in the crawl-space?”


What’s behind all that stuff stored in the garage and how do they know nothing is there?”


Truth is, they don’t!


Read the fine print.  It says CAN’T!!


Visual inspectors, trained and certified, can only inspect 15 to 35% of your new home. There is NO MAGIC DEVICE that can look behind that wall in the basement!!


Or is there?


The answer is YES! But only at Green’s Exterminating Co.! And the answer has a name…”JAKE”… the ONLY CANINE Termite Detection Dog in Middle Tennessee specially trained to “SNIFF OUT” termites!


First, we do the same as everybody else and visually inspect your home. Then we bring out our secret weapon…Jake…and he uses his sensitive nose and sniffs the main level, outside and other areas of your home to find those hidden termites.




Ask about a “Canine Termite Letter” when inspecting your home. The best inspection you can get for those hidden home destroyers…..TERMITES.


If you’re a realtor, you want the VERY BEST INSPECTION for your client’s home?


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