Nashville TN Homeowners – How to Get Rid of Rats


The most common rodents that cause problems for homeowners are rats, mice and squirrels. All of them will invade your attic if there is an easy way to get in , such as a crack or gap between the fascia and the roof decking.  Squirrels spend most of their time outside and only come into the attic to sleep and nest.  But rats and mice will live inside with you. They are known as commensal rodents. Commensal means “Lives With Man” or “Shares Man’s Table”.  They have been living in our homes for thousands of years. So…how do you keep them out?  The answer is…by sealing up every crack and crevice that would allow them to come in.  Also, by eliminating food sources that might attract them, such as bird feeders and leftover pet food.  If you think you hear something in your attic or basement at night, it very well could be rats. You need to call a professional exterminator and ask them to come out and do a FREE inspection to determine if there is a problem. If there is evidence of rats or other rodents, they will make suggestions as to how to best get rid of them

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